Moderate Religious Zionism

Beyond the settler movement.

Gush Emunim

Settling all the land.

Questioning Zionism

Since the beginning of modern Zionism, some Jews have stood in opposition to it.

The Religious Significance of Israel

Rabbis Kook and Soloveitchik offered differing views on what the modern state means theologically.

Religion Without State

Yeshayahu Leibowitz believed traditional Judaism has no precedent for a modern Jewish state like Israel.

We Stand Firm in Our Love of Zion

A Reform declaration of Zionistic belief

Opposition From the Left

In viewing Judaism as a religion and not a nation, Reform Judaism saw the early Zionist movement as a threat.

Ultra-Orthodox & Anti-Zionist

Groups like Neturei Karta and the Satmar Hasidim bitterly oppose the modern State of Israel.

Religious & Zionist

Religious Zionists believe that the Jewish return to Israel hastens the Messiah.

The Zionist Vision

An excerpt from "The Jewish State"


New Historians, new understandings of the past, and recent critiques of Zionist discourse