Clothing & Appearance

Tattooing in Jewish Law

A Conservative ruling on body ink.

The Body: Themes & Theology

Themes and Theology of the Jewish Body. The Jewish Body. Jewish Body Traditions.

Caring for One’s Own Health

Jewish law mandates a healthful lifestyle.

Cosmetic Surgery: A Jewish View

If it does not serve a legitimate medical purpose, cosmetic surgery is frowned upon by the Jewish legal tradition.

Adorning the Body

Judaism and Adorning the Body. The Jewish Body. Jewish Body Teaching, Laws, and Traditions.

Inner Beauty, Outward Beauty, and Health

Judaism recognizes the primacy of an inner beauty, but we are nonetheless called upon to care for our bodies and not discouraged from tending to our appearance.

Reinterpreting Tefillin

Some interpretations of the meaning of tefillin have faded, and others have been invented to take their place.

Rashi and Rabbenu Tam: Two Sets of Tefillin

Evidence from Qumran shows that the medieval debate about the order of biblical passages in tefillin has ancient roots.  

Tefillin: Spiritual Significance

The details of this precept, using powerful symbols of allegiance to divine law and of membership in the Jewish religious community, have been subject to many interpretations.