Redemption Comes at Sinai

Passover and Shavuot are part of one spiritual journey.

Celebrating Submission

Shavuot has no specific rituals because it is all about receiving God's Torah.

Feminine Aspects of the Omer

In mystical terms, this is a period of time leading to the unification of the male and female aspects of the Divine.

Ruth and Lovingkindness

Rabbinic tradition sees her as a virtuous woman who is rewarded for her behavior.

The Meaning of Ezekiel’s Vision

Understanding the prophet's experience

Outer Faith and Inner Faith

Relating to a silent God.

The Covenant of Total Being

Does Jewish suffering threaten commitment to God's covenant?

The Covenant & God

God, too, is bound by this divine agreement.

The Covenant As Process

The covenant reflects the ongoing relationship between God and the Jewish people.

Ruth and the Holocaust

The Book of Ruth takes on new significance in modern times.

Special Challot

The bread traditionally associated with Shabbat may look different on Shavuot.