Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg is the former Director of Education Partnerships for My Jewish Learning. She previously worked as the Director of Development and Communications at ELI Talks and former Executive Director of JOFA, the Jewish Orthodox Feminist Alliance. Sharon also has served as the Rosh Moshava (Head of Camp) at Camp Stone, as the first Orthodox woman chaplain at Harvard University, and as a day school educator. She earned her doctorate at New York University. Sharon is an alumna of the Wexner Fellow/Davidson Scholarship graduate program and a Schusterman ROI Member. She studied at The Drisha Institute for Jewish Education and received her B.A. and M.A. from Yeshiva University.

Articles by Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Ketubot 102

The marketplace strangler.

Ketubot 101

The marriage that wasn't.

Ketubot 87

One who pays is precise.

Ketubot 64

The rebellious wife.

Ketubot 63

The ewe follows the ewe.

Ketubot 41

Making the seducer pay.

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