Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Sharon Weiss-Greenberg is an assistant editor at My Jewish Learning and the director of donor relations at RAISE Advisors. Sharon was the Rosh Moshava (Head of Camp) at Camp Stone and served as the first Orthodox woman chaplain at Harvard University. Sharon has a doctorate in education and Jewish studies from New York University and an MA and BA from Yeshiva University.

Articles by Sharon Weiss-Greenberg

Eruvin 37

Can I get credit for that?

Mah Tovu: Seeking the Good

This biblical verse, traditionally recited s one enters a synagogue, has a challenging provenance.

Shabbat 122

You scratch my back.

Shabbat 107

Irreversible wounds.

Why Do Jews Pray in the Plural?

Jewish liturgy is almost always written in the plural form. Here's why.

Shabbat 65

Airing wet clothes in public.

Shabbat 63

Designer swords make the outfit pop.

Shabbat 57

It's all about the accessories.