Saul Austerlitz

Saul Austerlitz is a writer and film critic in New York.

Articles by Saul Austerlitz

Israelis on Screen

Blond Hair, Blue Eyes, and a Bad Accent.

Joseph Cedar

Israeli director explores Religious Zionist community to great acclaim.

Arthur Miller: A Biography

Yiddish-speaking playwright who became America's playwright.

Bible in Film

Adding to The Good Book's longstanding history on the big screen.

Sarah Silverman

A Jewish comedian delivers bigotry with a smile.

Jewish Film, 1990-Present

A survey of recent American and International Jewish cinema.

Borat in America

Sacha Baron Cohen's satirical look at the United States -- and (fake) Kazakh anti-Semitism.

Steven Spielberg

From E.T. to Munich, the boy wonder of the movie industry grows up.

Contemporary Israeli Film

Filmmakers find a uniquely Israeli voice.

Who Was Elie Wiesel?

This Nobel-winning Holocaust survivor brought the Holocaust and its survival to the American public.