Sarah Chandler

Sarah Chandler is a Brooklyn-based Jewish educator, ritualist, artist, activist, and poet. Currently, she is the program director of the new Romemu Yeshiva, a garden educator with Grow Torah, and the director of curriculum design & cultivation with Fig Tree, a startup Hebrew School in Brooklyn. She teaches, writes, and consults on issues related to Jewish earth-based spiritual practice, farming, and mindfulness.

Articles by Sarah Chandler

Tefillat Tal: Cultivating a Mindset of Sufficiency

In praying for something as fleeting and nearly invisible as dew, this Passover prayer honors the transition from abundance to enough-ness.

Edible Art for Tu Bishvat

New crafts for celebrating the birthday of the trees.

Yom Kippur For Children

You don't have to fast in order to atone.

Shavuot Activities for Kids

A revelation they'll beg for year after year.

Engaging with Elul as a Family

Special activities in preparation for the High Holy Days.