Rachael Gelfman Schultz

Rachael Gelfman Schultz holds a B.A. in religion from Harvard University, and completed her M.A. in Jewish Civilization at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. She is a Jewish educator in Karmiel, Israel.

Articles by Rachael Gelfman Schultz

Russians in Israel

Aliyah from the Former Soviet Union since 1989.

Winograd Commission

Investigating the events of the Second Lebanon War.

Second Lebanon War

In 2006 Israel fought a second war with its neighbor to the North.

The Goldstone Report

A report on the Gaza War that caused a lot of friction in Israel.

Mizrahi Jews in Israel

Jews from Arab lands are gaining more and more influence in Israeli society.

Liberal Judaism in Israel

Different streams of Judaism in the Jewish state.

Druze in Israel

Insiders and outsiders.

The Kibbutz Movement

The proud and turbulent history of Israel's experiment in communal living.

The Law of Return

An immigration policy to ensure a Jewish majority in the State of Israel.

Civil Marriage in Israel

For a large number of Israelis, religious politics and identity issues disrupt the pursuit of holy matrimony.