Rabbi Nina B. Cardin

Rabbi Nina Beth Cardin the Director of the Baltimore Jewish Environmental Network and past General Consultant to COEJL.

Articles by Rabbi Nina B. Cardin

How to Pray Through Infertility

Jewish tradition is no stranger to infertility, but it is only recently that liturgical responses to this struggle have emerged.

Significance of Birkat Hahammah

In Birkat Hahammah (the Blessing of the Sun), the rabbis acknowledged the power of nature, but put the emphasis on its Creator.

We Are Not Alone

Repentance is made easier with the support of others, human and divine, and by setting realistic goals.

Book of Life

The life and death imagery of Rosh Hashanah is meant to spur people to improve their behavior.

The Sukkot Paradox

Do walls make us secure or vulnerable?

Moon and Women

Celebrating the new moon has special significance for women.