Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Rabbi Jonathan Sacks served as the chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Britain and the Commonwealth from 1991 to 2013. A prolific writer and commentator, Sacks authored over two dozen books and was a regular presence in the British and international media. He died in 2020.

Articles by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Why Jews Hope to Live ‘Until 120’

This common Jewish expression is as much about living well as living long.

Sharing the Bread of Affliction

Why is one of the first acts of the Seder inviting others to join us?

The Unasked Question

On a night built around inquiry, there's one question that is never posed at the Passover seder.

How the Jewish People Invented Hope

Judaism is a sustained struggle against the world that is in the name of the world that could be — but is not yet.

The Stewardship Paradigm

Humanity's dominion over the earth must be for the sake of the Divine.

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