Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Dr. Jonathan Sacks is the Chief rabbi of the United Hebrew Congregations of Britain and the Commonwealth and the author of <i>A Letter in the Scroll: Understanding Our Jewish Identity</i> and <i>Exploring the Legacy of the World's Oldest Religion</i>. The British Chief Rabbi's office maintains a website: <a href="www.chiefrabbi.org">chiefrabbi.org</a>.

Articles by Rabbi Jonathan Sacks

Sharing the Bread of Affliction

Why is one of the first acts of the Seder inviting others to join us?

The Unasked Question

On a night built around inquiry, there's one question that is never posed at the Passover seder.

How the Jewish People Invented Hope

Judaism is a sustained struggle against the world that is in the name of the world that could be -- but is not yet.

The Stewardship Paradigm

Humanity's dominion over the earth must be for the sake of the Divine.

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