Rabbi Adam Greenwald

Rabbi Adam Greenwald is the vice president for Jewish Engagement at American Jewish University and directs the Maas Center for Jewish Journeys and the Miller Introduction to Judaism Program, the largest preparatory program for those considering conversion in North America. He also serves as a lecturer in Rabbinics at the Ziegler School of Rabbinic Studies and is a 2016 winner of the Covenant Foundation's Pomegranate Prize in Jewish Education.

Articles by Rabbi Adam Greenwald

The Book of Job and the Paradox of Suffering

No biblical book takes up theodicy's challenge with greater power than the moving and enigmatic story of Job.

Children of Nachshon

Liberation comes only to the courageous.

Descending and Ascending

Joseph's fall and rise teaches us that the last chapter of our story remains to be written.

Kisses Sweeter than Wine: Understanding the Song of Songs

Read during the week of Passover, this biblical text is an unabashedly sensuous paean to love.