Moshe Kranc

Moshe Kranc has worked in high-tech for 40 years, with 30 years in management positions in both the United States and Israel. Moshe was part of the Emmy-award-winning team that designed the scrambling system for DIRECTV and holds five patents in areas related to pay television and computer security. He has lectured at the Jerusalem College of Technology and Bezalel Academy, has published numerous technical articles and was a member of the Association for Computing Machinery’s Committee on Scientific Freedom and Human Rights. Storytelling is part of Moshe’s heritage – family tradition has it that he is descended from Rabbi Jacob Kranc, the Magid of Dubno, an 18th-century itinerant preacher known as “the Jewish Aesop.” For many years, Moshe has enjoyed collecting, reading and retelling Hasidic stories to family, friends and colleagues, and has authored a collection of these stories in The Hasidic Masters’ Guide to Management (Devorah Publishing, 2004).

Articles by Moshe Kranc

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