Matt Plen

Matt Plen is the Chief Executive of Masorti Judaism in the UK. He has taught and trained educators in diverse institutions in Israel, the UK and the USA and is currently researching his doctorate on Critical Pedagogy and Jewish Ideologies of Social Justice.

Articles by Matt Plen

Refusal to Serve

Sarbanut in a Jewish-Democratic State.

Max Nordau

Physician, intellectual, Zionist.

Israel’s War of Independence

Establishing a new nation and defending it

David Ben-Gurion

The first prime minister of the Jewish state.

Baruch Goldstein

The perpetrator of the Hebron massacre is both vilified and celebrated.

Golda Meir

Born in Ukraine and raised in America, she became Israel's first and only female prime minister.

Jonathan Pollard

An American who spied for Israel.

Hayim Nahman Bialik

The Jewish national poet.

Who Was Shabbetai Zevi?

The kabbalistic false messiah gained a mass following in the 17th century — until he converted to Islam.

Simon Dubnow

Foundational Jewish historian and non-Zionist nationalist.