Marla Lerman

Marla Lerman has been a stay at home mother for the past ten years. She is married to her husband Bruce for 20 years and together they have three fantastic children. Alex is a junior at Parsippany Hills High School. Marissa is in the 6th grade at Brooklawn Middle School, and is preparing for her Bat Mitzvah in October 2015. Sammy is in the 4th grade at Rockaway Meadow Elementary School. Inclusion is a family affair: In 2011, Alex's Mitzvah project was centered around collecting donations of educational and therapeutic supplies and toys for students in the community with special needs. Marissa has been volunteering as a peer buddy/mentor for children with special needs since she was 8 years old. Marla currently serves as a board member for her town's Parents of Exceptional Children committee. She gets great satisfaction by supporting other families who are navigating the often complex world of raising a child with special needs. Marla is always on the lookout for inclusion opportunities in the community and hopes that in the future there will be many more available to Sammy and other children.

Articles by Marla Lerman

Success at Camp

Inclusion…mainstreaming …general education…. One on one/shadow…these are words that fly through my mind almost daily, and are a regular part ...