Joni Schockett

Joni Schockett is a freelance food writer.

Articles by Joni Schockett

Different Matzah Balls

A slightly different take on the classic matzah ball.

Fluffy, Soft Matzah Balls

Light, delicate, and perfect for Passover.

Potato Matzah Balls

Add some potato to your matzah ball soup.

Healthy Matzah Balls

The no fat, no cholesterol, great flavor matzah balls.

Matzah Balls with a Twist

A tasty way to spruce up the classic matzah ball.


Crunchy dough boiled in honey.

Honey Cake for Rosh Hashanah

A classic dessert for a sweet new year

Passover Lemon Roll (Pareve)

A kosher for Passover dessert recipe

Potato Kugel (Pareve)

A kosher-for-Passover potato casserole that is also a Shabbat and holiday favorite!

Recipe for Matzah Balls

Great for Passover and all year round!