Jillian Cantor

Jillian Cantor is the author of award-winning novels for teens and adults including, The September Sisters, The Life of Glass, and The Transformation of Things. Her latest novel for adults is Margot (Riverhead Books), a re-imagining of Anne Frank’s sister in post-war America. Her next book for teens, Searching for Sky, will be published by Bloomsbury in 2014. Read more about Jillian here.

Articles by Jillian Cantor

Researching and Reimagining Margot Frank

In my novel,  Margot , I reimagine Margot Frank, Anne’s older sister, having survived the war and come to Philadelphia where ...

Religion and Having Children

My grandfather was a  Kohen , which I’ve learned (thanks to Google) means he was a Jewish priest, a descendant ...