Barry W. Holtz

Barry W. Holtz is the Theodore and Florence Baumritter Professor of Jewish Education at The Jewish Theological Seminary. He was, for twelve years, co-director of the Seminary's Melton Research Center.  His books include: Back to the Sources: Reading the Classic Jewish Text,<i>Finding Our Way: Jewish Texts and the Lives We Live Today</i>,and <i>Textual Knowledge</i>.

Articles by Barry W. Holtz

The Activism of Abraham

The lives of Abraham and Job provide us with two models for confronting poverty.

Jewish Text Study Is Traditionally A Communal Activity

Reading Jewish texts is not just a religious act, it is an act of communal identification and communication.

The Natural World and our Need for Wonder

When we perceive, at rare moments, that behind the natural world is a realm of the unknown and inexplicable, we attain awareness of holiness