1 2 3 4! We Want Color War!

Music is blaring, campers are cheering, crazy costumes abound, and camp spirit is at an all-time high… this can only mean one thing. COLOR WAR!!! Color War, or Maccabiah as it is often called at Jewish camp, may be the most iconic and honored summer tradition.  Basically the World Cup or the Super Bowl of the camp season, Color War is the cherry on top of an amazing summer.


During Color War, campers compete on different teams in activities all around camp. To achieve victory, each team competes in athletic events from tug-of-war and all sorts of sport and water competitions to crazy all-camp relay races, as well as non-athletic events like banners, cheers, trivia contests, and wacky scavenger hunts.  Each team is given a color and a theme — and the entire camp gets seriously decked out in costumes and accessories, face paint, and monochromatic clothing for their teams.


While the exact timing and theme of each Color War break is basically a well-kept state secret, you can make sure your camper is ready to rock it by packing a few items in each of the main color families. And definitely pack those lucky knee socks or that crazy wig!  Even though it’s a competition, at its heart, Color War is a chance to get silly, discover hidden talents, build new friendships, practice sportsmanship and teamwork, develop leadership skills, and have tons of fun.


Check out more packing tips here!

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