No Screens at Camp? No Problem.

Pack up – we are going old school.  Worried that your kid won’t know what to do with themselves without a wi-fi connection or Gameboy?  Take a look in Barnes & Noble, Target, and even your junk drawer for some old school fun for rest hour and rainy days.  A deck of cards, a few books and magazines, some string to make friendship bracelets, and even a few travel-size games should keep your camper (and their bunkmates) happy.

When packing some extras for rest hour, make sure that you are sending things your child can do alone as well as group-oriented activities.  Every bunk has different rules as to talking and hanging out during rest hour. Double check the packing list to see what type of music players and e-readers camp allows.  Some do not allow wi-fi enabled players.

Downtime in the bunk is great for letter writing. Pack some fun stationery and a variety of pens and stickers as an incentive to write letters.  And check out our letter writing how-to here.

Your camper will come home with better connections than wi-fi could ever give them. (Though you will be very grateful for technology during the year, so the campers can keep in touch!)

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