Matzoh & Mitzvot

Passover is about so much more than just a seder, and with time off from work and school, we want to encourage everyone to make the most of the next eight days. Take some time to do some good- below we share eight mitzvot to add some extra meaning to this Passover!

1. Yesterday, April 2, was International Children’s Book Day! Ask your seder guests to bring any children’s books they are ready to retire to donate to a children’s hospital or other CBO’s in your neighborhood. Learn more about International Children’s Book Day here!

2. Learn more about the mitzvot of Shabbat here!

3. Recycle all of the bottles and cans left over from your seder and donate the money to the charity of your choice. You’ll not only be doing something great for the environment, but something great for others as well!

4. It’s spring cleaning time! Have everyone in your family pick one or two items from their closet to donate.

5. Talk to your family about how they incorporate tzedakah and mitzvot into their everyday lives, whether it’s donating a portion of their allowance or volunteering once a week at their local food bank. Check out this article for some inspiration!

6. Take some time to learn about the meaning and importance of saying sorry to loved ones. It’s a lesson that they will be able to take with them wherever they go!

7. In true camp fashion (see what we did there?), invite your friends and family over for a tie-dye party, and donate the clothes that you made to a local charity. You’ll be letting those in need look stylish and you’ll get to do a mitzvah!

8. Write a letter of support to an Israeli soldier. Show your solidarity and wish them a happy Pesach!

How many will you do this Passover?

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