The Cell Phone Controversy

As a camper for many years, I’m a regular to knowing the most basic and common camp rules. For instance, the “no cell phones allowed” rule. To us cell phone and technology addicted youth of this generation, many people originally find this rule to be a bit of a pain in the bum. No one wants to leave their beloved battery-powered friend behind, but that’s the exact reason it’s a banned item at camp.

As I see it, the amazing camp directors make the “no cell phones” rule so that today’s generation (my generation), who are so used to using their phones as social outlets and distractions, get out there and make real friends. There, I said it, we kids today need to learn how to make a living, breathing, not battery-powered friend. The cell phone age children are slowly losing their social skills and need to try to put the phones away for once.

This well thought-out rule makes sure that happens. When the phones go away the kids are miserable for five minutes but then guess what, they start up a conversation with another kid. Yes! They have a face to face, words-coming-out-of-mouth conversation! You know what happens next? These two campers without phones have both made a friend! It’s that simple!

It’s a good thing that these genius directors made a rule to get rid of all cell phones because camp is a place where kids go to have fun and make new friends, which is definitely not a technology-only thing. Sure, you can “friend” people on Facebook and play people on
Words with Friends
, but can you have the summer of your dreams with your nose inches from your phone? Not possible.

If you think going to camp without a phone will be tough, you can forget about that! Trust me, not only does it help you realize that you are capable of making friends, but you will actually look forward to going to your phone-free camp! You will look forward to the time where everyone is happy talking directly to each other and not having those awkward silences as someone answers a text.

So go! Try out camp without a phone! You won’t be sorry because it is a great experience to be free of the internet incorporated world for a few weeks! Camp is one of the most fun places in the world so don’t waste your summer anywhere else on that cellular device! Coming back to it at the end of the summer will be a cool experience too! Never will you ever have that many notifications! Have an amazing cell phone free summer everybody!

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