Summer Lovin’ – Ahuva & Meir


Meir and Ahuva Balofsky - Cabin picWhen/how/where at camp did you meet?

We met at Camp Moshava Ennismore in 1995 – she was a CIT and I was a second year staff.  We were just friends for the first summer but the second summer she was a first year staff and I was a unit head.  I specifically asked that my good friend be on my staff/in my unit.  It worked out and that summer I ended up asking her out.

Was it love right away?

No.  Were just friends for the first year and most of the following summer.

What happened between you when camp ended that summer?

She went to Israel for a year in Seminary and I was in University in Toronto.  We did the long distance relationship thing – back before phone calls were free and were still around a dollar a minute.

balofsky-41Will you send your kids to your camp?

Ahuva and I made Aliyah in 2004 with our three children, Moshe, Ariel and Shoshana.  Then for the following summer we ended up applying to go back to camp for the first time since the summer that we got together in 1996.  Long story short, it worked out and we’ve been going back every year since with our children.  Our daughter, having been to camp every summer of her life since she was 1 year old, is finally old enough to be a full session camper this year!

Meir and Ahuva Balofsky were both raised in Toronto and attended Camp Moshava as campers but their paths never really crossed until they met in 1995.   They were married in September of 1997 and both graduated from York University’s Jewish education teacher training program.  They lived in Toronto, teaching in Jewish day schools, and raising their three children until 2004 when they made Aliyah.  Meir currently works for the Israel Experience at Bar Ilan University program as the Informal Education Director and Ahuva teaches at a seminary in Jerusalem as well as teaches English.


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