Epic Memories of Camp

Noam Slomovic is 13 years old, lives in New York City, and has been attending Camp Moshava in Honesdale, PA for four years.

I can’t believe it – camp is only three months away!  Well, actually to be exact it’s 113 days away, and as the summer approaches, I think about the many epic memories of my camp life. I have gone to Camp Moshava for the past four years, and from those few months of my life I have the greatest memories ever. Most memories are top secret so I cannot share them with the public. (That is one amazing thing about camp.) But for this blog I decided to share one in particular.

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On the last night of my third summer at camp I had the time of my life.  It was packing day and it could have been the most hectic day in all of camp history. You could hear counselors and kids screaming at the top of their lungs saying, “Get your things on the truck!”

My bunk was the last bunk to finish packing.  We were all going crazy because of what was going to happen that night, the “banquet.”  Everyone in camp loved the banquet for one reason, the food.  However this year we were in for a little surprise, instead of having the norm – spicy wings, mini hot dogs, wings, burgers, and chicken, they had pita and falafel. People were clearly very unhappy. However, this banquet still could have been the best, for one reason, we were not there. We were outside on the dining hall porch just chatting, and that’s when the fun began. The second we realized that the singing and dancing at the banquet had ended we ran to our bunk and started the party.  We had been planning this party for two weeks; we had saved so much food that it took up half the bunk, we were ready to party.

As we started stuffing our faces with food, we launched our karaoke contest. Eight people were singers and we had one DJ and three judges. At about 1:00am we started. Everyone chose a different song to sing.  After each round we would eliminate one person from the contest.  No one was offended if they were eliminated because they knew it was just because the contest was all in fun.  I was one of the judges. My fellow judges and I took five minutes to decide who would be eliminated after every round, so clearly we took this very seriously. It was 3:30am when we finished.  At 6:00 we decided to watch the sun come up.

I wanted to share this particular memory because it just shows that camp is mostly about the friends you make and how you spend time with them. Although many activities at camp are very enjoyable, the main reason I go to camp is to spend quality time with my friends.

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