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This Holiday season MyJewishLearning is offering two live, interactive, online classes designed to help you prepare for Thanksgiving.

Global Day of Jewish Learning
Is There A Recipe for Prayer: A Lesson in Picking the Perfect Words

Taught by Devorah Levine Katz

Some prayers are read from the book; others are spontaneous cries from the heart. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these approaches?

In our class, we will explore both standard and spontaneous prayers and take part in an ancient discussion on the values of both. Using sources from the traditional Siddur (prayer book), Mishna and Talmud we will journey into the world of prayer searching for the perfect recipe for the perfect prayer.

Sunday November 18th 8:30-9:30PM Eastern Time, Free! (Registration Required)

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Preparing for Thanksgiving
What’s the Jewish Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving?

Taught by Rabbi Peretz Rodman

The roots of the American Thanksgiving holiday go back to 1623, but the values of gratitude and offering thanks have been a part of Jewish life for thousands of years. Judaism’s classical texts, from the words of the Psalmist to stories of modern masters of Musar (Jewish ethical piety), offer insights into Jewish approaches to what Jews call hakarat ha-tov, “recognition of the good”?good deeds done for us and good things given to us.

Together we will study some of these texts, and discuss the overlapping American and Jewish values of gratitude, joy, and relief that we experience during this Thanksgiving season.

Monday November 19th 8:30-9:30PM Eastern Time, Free! (Registration Required)

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