Feed Me Bubbe’s Journey to New York City

Yesterday, Avrom Honig shared a behind the scenes look at the photoshoot for Feed Me Bubbe. He will be blogging all week for the Jewish Book Council and MyJewishLearning‘s Author Blog.

If you want to know more about Feed Me Bubbe and an introduction to how we got started then be sure to check out Part 1.  Just for those joining us we created a book based upon our hit online and televised cooking show because our audience really wanted it.  Of course before I knew it we had an agent, a publisher, and found myself heading to New York City to represent our new book.

The name of the organization was the Jewish Book Council and I would be presenting a two minute speech to representatives from the Jewish Book Network.  To someone that was not used to speaking in front of a crowd this could be a huge undertaking.  In fact they even told us that the on deck chair was nicknamed the sigh chair, or the deep breath chair.  The reason for this is because everyone gives a big breath before they go up on stage, perhaps a sign of nervousness.

In my case I had nothing to be nervous over and just pretended that I was standing in front of the camera or friends just talking normally.  It really was a change of pace for me looking at such a large crowd but, I didn’t mind and adjusted my microphone and just went for it.

Of course I had a good meal before the presentation over at a restaurant in New York City called Noi Due which I was told is pronounced as NOY – DUE – E.  What impressed me about the place is everything was so light and yet filling.  For akosher establishment it was incredible.  You would never believe walking in that it was actually a kosher restaurant from the menu, the decor, and even the customers.  It just looked like any other amazing restaurant located in New York.

What made this place even more amazing is that it was a dairy restaurant.  Usually in New York I go to meat restaurants making sure I have food that is filling and satisfying but I have to say Noi Due is the exception to the rule.  The waiter recommended a delicious cake which looked so heavy and yet was light and went down very easily.  In fact it looked so incredible here is a picture:

Next time, I have a special guest for you that you are sure to love.

Check back all week for more posts from Avrom Honig, co-author (with his bubbe) of Feed Me Bubbe.

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