Quiz Challenge!

So, you think you’re smarter than a Jewish website?

UPDATE: We’ve raised the prize amount — Answer the most questions, and $25 on Amazon could be yours!

MyJewishLearning’s Quiz Challenge has just kicked off! If you haven’t taken any quizzes on MyJewishLearning, check it out — it’s one of the most fun parts  To participate, just take any quiz in any subject–from Jewish humor to Jewish holidays and beyond. (Make sure to register first with your email address; we’ll use it to keep track of your points and send your prize!) If you forget to register, just follow the link on top of any quiz page.

Then take another quiz. And another. Each month, we’ll award the person with the most correct answers a $10 gift card to Amazon.com. For the first month, September, you’ll also win a pony! Because everybody has always wanted to win a pony.*

So get answering those questions now! Astute-minded readers will notice that the person with the most correct answers wins, not the person with the highest percentage of correct answers or whatever. So if you don’t score 100% the first time, just poke around the site, learn some stuff, and come back! (Or, yes, you can just keep guessing.) On the first of every month, the count will reset. And then you’ll have a chance to win all over again.

* — You have always wanted to win a pony. Trust us.

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