What’s The Hebrew For Community?

Just yesterday, Tamar and I were sitting around the office discussing the merits of talking about our favorite television shows on this blog. Of course, the answer is all about context. I’m not just going to rant to you about how all of you should watch Parks & Recreation and how no one watches it, and how if it gets cancelled I will blame each and every single one of you. I would never do that. Because where is the Judaism in all of that?

So there you go. I’m never going to talk about Parks & Rec or Community. The two best comedies on television (apologies to Mayim Bialik and The Big Bang Theory).

Wait! Hold the phone! I found a connection!

I remember when I first fell in love with Community. It wasn’t right away.  I was not blown away by the pilot. However, at the end of their second season, during the final credits, they got me hooked. When Abed and Troy did their improved Spanish rap song, I knew right then and there, that this show was doing something fresh and original.

Still no connection to Judaism you say? Well, two guys in Israel (as far as I can tell, they aren’t on a television show or anything, but prove me wrong), did their own Hebrew version of the rap. It’s pretty amazing too.

So which one do you think is better? The original or the Hebrew parody?

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