Circus+Jewish Mafia+Gay Affairs+Shiva Fight+Toy Poodle

Sometimes when I need to laugh I search for Jewish in Google News. Often I get boring articles about Israel, but every once in a while I get a gem of a headline like this one:

Feuding Ringling Circus heirs go to court over funeral fight amid claims of Jewish Mafia links, secret gay affairs and suicide

You really need to read the entire article, but here are my two favorite paragraphs:

Miss Feld claims that her brother’s vendetta against her led to his ordering guards to throw her and her toy poodle Campari out of their Aunt Shirley’s penthouse in Washington, where they were brought up after their mother’s suicide.

In papers sent to the court, Miss Feld also alleges that her brother may be a member of ‘Jewish mafia’ involved in money laundering and murder.

Will someone please please option this story for a screenplay? I would pay so much money to go see this movie. Water for Elephants, not so much.

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