Purim Video Shoot

This week, we got ready for our new Purim video, which we’re getting prepared and mixed and psyched to show you. It’s a big first for MyJewishLearning, where diversity is always important. We’ve worked with actors and filmmakers from all types of backgrounds before. But several of you have complained that we’ve been conspicuously human-centric in casting for our videos, and that we’ve never used puppets before.

Well, we’ve heard your voices and we’ve decided to do something about it! Together with Ora Fruchter and Chistopher Scheer, we’re putting puppets back on the map. Follow the jump for some behind-the-scenes shots from the making of our Purim movie, starring the classy Mr. Dingo…and an adorable little troublemaker named Joey.

All puppets have a union-mandated coffee break every 15 minutes.

Dingo and Joey get ready to give some poor, unsuspecting human a gift of their special mishloach manot.

Joey, in a rare moment of complacency.

An argument arises over differing customs of reading the megillah.

Our talented and fuzzy actors meet their fans.

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