Love Story of the Day

I don’t ever get a chance to watch morning talk shows. Either I’m at work or I’m sleeping until noon. That’s pretty much how my sleep schedule works.

If I was lucky enough to work from home though, I’d be a major watcher of these shows. All the hosts are just so cheery. I feel like I’d be able to kick my caffeine addiction just by watching them. They’d perk me right up with their mindless banter.

Regis & Kelly might be the best out of these shows, mostly because I think it’s hilarious that they don’t think it’s weird that the two of them would spend every morning together hanging out. They have very little in common, and yet, they casually drink coffee and talk about their nights like it isn’t a bizarre set up.

I’m getting a little off topic here so I’ll just cut to the chase. This week, in honor of Valentine’s Day, the show is having a contest to determine the greatest love story of all time. You can vote to determine the winner after all the nominees are announced. Tuesday’s nominees were Nancy and Howard Kleinberg, from Toronto. Here is a quick synopsis of their story.

Both Howard and Nancy were prisoners at Bergen-Belsen. At the end of the war, Howard was all but dead, lying on the ground trying to get anyone’s attention for help. Nancy had been walking by, and noticed that among all the dead bodies on the ground, that Howard was moving. She and another woman picked him up and brought him to a near by barrack.

For two weeks, Nancy took care of Howard, trying to restore his health. One day, Howard woke up and decided that he needed to get real medical attention. Thinking it was safe to sneak out of the camp, he picked himself up, and crawled the road until he met up with some British soldiers, who took him to an army hospital. When Nancy showed up at the barracks, she had no idea what happened to Howard.

After he recovered, Howard immigrated to Toronto. Once there, through some other survivor friends, he found out that Nancy had also moved to Toronto. He showed up at her door with a bouquet of flowers. They have been together since.

Visit the show’s website to read more love stories, but before you do that, watch their video:

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