The Rise Of Online Jewish Deals

Over the past few months, I’ve signed up for a couple of the online coupon deals like Groupon and KGB, mostly because I like getting things for cheap. It’s a scientific fact that food tastes better when it’s 50% off.

The only issue I have with those sites is that they involve a daily e-mail for material that I really don’t care for. Because the only specialization you can chose when you sign up is the city you live in, a lot of the deals are useless to me beyond the fact that they are for stores in New York.

But lately, I’ve noticed two websites that have popped up on the net that make it a little easier for me to find a deal that I like. At first, I saw A short, sweet name that is pretty straight to the point. But then, yesterday, I saw a second website pop up with the absurd name (though I’m sure their deals are fine) of Really? Jewpon? That’s the best you could come up with?

Of course, you have to live in a city that has enough Jewish stores to make it worth while to sign up. Currently Jewpon advertises in 29 cities, however, after a quick run through the site, I noticed a couple of the cities have yet to advertise a deal. Jdeal, on the other hand, has 11 cities, but they all seem to work.

So far, these sites have been pretty good. I’ve signed off on a couple of deals. The question is, can they sustain it? I mean, how many Jewish restaurants are there? And even more, how many of them are willing to give 50% deals in exchange for some advertising?

It’s yet to be seen whether these sites will last, but if you live in a big city, you might as well sign up and save a couple dollars.

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