Giving Us A Bad Name

People always say that Jersey Shore gives Italians, especially Italian-Americans, a bad name. I’ll buy that. The reason  I love watching the show so much every week is to see how terribly embarrassing the characters can be–not necessarily to Italians, really just to themselves.

I’d rank the “Should be ashamed of themselves” members of the cast as follows: The Situation, Snooki, Deena (the best cast member by far), Sammi, Ronnie, Vinnie, Pauly D.

Pauly D comes in last place in the rankings because he is the most self-aware. While the others get caught up in the free alcohol and lodging, Pauly D is pre-occupied with cashing in as much influence as he can with his 15 (turning into 20) minutes of fame. Whether it’s getting deals to DJ at random Jersey clubs or coming up with epic catchphrases (It’s t-shirt time!), Pauly D is the glue that keep the MTV show entertaining.

There is just one little negative side effect to his awesomeness: His Israeli stalker, Danielle.

I wrote about this lady last year when Season One was airing. To sum up though, he contributions to the Jewish community leave something to be desired.

But now that the cast has returned from Miami to the Shore for Season Three, we’ve gotten the return of the Israeli lady who, according to Pauly D, “stalked his entire life.” And last week, somehow, the producers of the show convinced Pauly D to invite her back to the house–basically so he can make fun of her and wear the “I Heart Jewish Girls” shirt she made him the summer before.

Luckily, Pauly D kicked Danielle out of the house without much of an incident. Let’s just hope that this is the last we’ve seen of her. Because that lady is giving all Israelis a bad name. Yuck.

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