Flying Kosher In Frankfurt

Flying is the worst, right? I mean, except for being able to fly across the world in a matter of hours, it’s still not a fun experience. That is especially truly if you have a long lay over or if you’re flight is delayed.

Usually, what I do is walk aimlessly around the airport for hours before sitting down and playing Angry Birds on my phone. Occasionally, I’ll even get up and buy a piece of (vegetarian) pizza–or if I’m willing to splurge, I’ll get a smoothie (when in Rome…).

But I can only imagine how hard long delays are if you only eat in kosher establishments. Being stuck in an uncomfortable chair, breathing the stale air of the airport, all the while being starved? That must stink.

As of now (at least according to this article–though a quick google search brings me to this post), the only airport in the world that offers kosher food is Ben-Gurion Airport in Israel. But that’s all about to change. According to Chabad, Frankfurt, Germany, the second busiest airport in Europe, and a popular layover spot for North Americans flying to Israel, is starting to insert kosher vending machines in its terminals.

I can’t speak to how good the food will be–don’t be expecting ribeye steaks out of a vending machine, though one can dream–but it’s still a great idea. I’m actually surprised that there hasn’t been more pressure for this to happen in other airports. You don’t think Chicago/L.A./New York/Toronto would benefit greatly from this?

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