SNL’s Bar Mitzvah Sketch

Are you still watching Saturday Night Live? A lot of people tell me that they no longer watch the show because it’s no longer funny. That or they have social lives and are out at 11:30 pm on a Saturday night. Nevertheless, I still think that it’s quality TV and watch it every week.

This week, SNL did a sketch where a bunch of famous singers sang Jewish parodies of their songs at a bar mitzvah party. The songs were, meh. You know, give me Shlock Rock any day of the week. But overall the sketch was pretty funny. Why? Because new cast member Vanessa Bayer (Jew?) plays a fantastic 13 year old boy. She is just spot on. She looks so dorky and amazing. And she provides us with one of the funniest lines from the entire SNL season. “Dad, I told you that I wanted a modest luncheon.”

Here’s the whole sketch. A lot of jokes that only Jews will get, be warned.

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