A Different Night For LiLo

Hopefully, you’re like me and the first website you check in the morning is TMZ. You never know, something big might have happened to a member of the Kardashian family while I was asleep.

And if you are like me, you would have already seen this video from today featuring TMZ’s favorite celebrity, Lindsay Lohan. Lilo has been in a bit of trouble lately with the law. But she claims to be getting some help by going to a stint at the Betty Ford Center.

Yesterday, one of TMZ’s cameramen caught up with Lindsay to find out if the rehab is making a difference or is she still up to her partying ways. But this cameraman tried to get fancy in his questions–which resulted in Lindsay being super confused. I won’t give it away–but let’s just say he needs to freshen up before his next Passover seder.

The embed code isn’t available, so you’ll have to click on the direct link to see.

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