You Know Who Is Back!

My life has been very Harry Potter oriented lately. With the seventh movie coming out this Friday, I thought it would be a good time to refresh my memory of the entire series. Thanks to jury duty, I was able to roll through the first two books. Now, I’m about half way through #3. But I’m going to want to see this movie sooner rather than later, so I’ll probably just watch the movies of 4-6.

But this Harry Potter binge has led to some awkward moments. I was talking to someone last week and they mentioned that they have a full time, live in nanny in their house. My response was, “I sure hope you treat her better than the Malfoys treated Dobby!” (blank stares)

So when I saw this picture over at Tablet (taken in Ramle, Israel), I thought it was only appropriate for me to share. Not that it is necessarily cool (I’m sure there are plenty of people named Harry Potter), but there are not that many dead Harry Potters who were buried in Israel.

I’m telling you. You-Know-Who is back, and hiding in Israel!

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