Just $2! Just $2!

This morning, I walked into Starbucks and rudely (it was the morning) demanded that they provide me with their largest cup of their Thanksgiving  blend. They said, “Sure! As long as you can give me $2.50.”

Giving away that $2.50 was the best decision I made all day.

But what if I told you that you could make an even better decision and it would cost you less than a venti coffee at Starbucks?

Last year, we held a micro-fundraising campaign asking our readers to donate $2 to MJL. The results were better than any of us could have guessed. But this year we want to do even better.

Our goal is to reach $18,000. And we will not be able to reach it without your help.

So please donate to MJL. It’s only $2. That’s less than a subway ride in New York.

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