So Many Foreskins, Not Enough Time

Pop quiz: Your son was just circumcised. You’re writing the mohel a check and making sure he washes his hands before you say goodbye. He’s about to walk out the door. Do you have one final question for him?

How about: Where’s the foreskin?

You might want to bury it under a tree (plum trees LOVE foreskins, apparently) so you can use the branches in a chuppah when your son gets older.  Or you might want to use it as a talisman to find your son a pretty lady when he’s a little older and on the market (this method is used in one of my favorite explicit Israeli films, Late Marriage).

Just make sure the mohel doesn’t walk off with it. He could sell it and make big bucks!

According to kottke:

Hospitals routinely sell foreskins collected from newborn circumcisions to companies for thousands of dollars. These companies use them for 1) making expensive skin cream, 2) cosmetic testing, and 3) skin grafts for burn victims.
So with those foreskins, or more accurately, the fibroblasts from the cells of the foreskin, collagen can be lab-created, and where do you put collagen? On your face! Penis wrinkle cream, anyone? Oprah’s beloved SkinMedica product? Yup! Foreskins! One foreskin can be used for decades to grow thousands of fibroblasts.

Aren’t you glad I gave you the tip off? [Woo! I crack myself up!]

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