Everything I Learned About Culture I Learned in Israel

Kelly Cutrone is apparently going to have her own talk show (shudder) and when asked what kinds of things she’s going to cover on the show she said:

There’s a lot of stuff I want to talk to young women about, but I don’t think I should go out with those first. One of the things was, a young girl said to me—this is kind of risque, so I don’t know if you guys wanna hear it—she was like, can I ask you a question? And I said, sure. I thought she was going to ask me, like what should I wear to my prom? But she asked me, how do you give a really good handjob? A, I’m like, no, and B, I said, well, where are you getting your information now? Like, more motherly. Well, on the Internet, she said. And I thought, why do we send our daughters to Brearley, then send them to Israel and Paris to learn about culture, and we send them to Vivid [Entertainment] to learn about sex?

You really want to read the whole quote, I promise. She has some very deep thoughts about placentas.

Here is my immediate question: Am I way behind the times, or does everyone know that the natural progression is Brearley–>Israel–>Paris? I had no idea Brearley was such a bastion of Zionism.

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