Dershowitz Jokes

It’s been a while since we’ve talked about Old Jews Telling Jokes on this blog. But that site just keeps chugging along, with new joke after new joke. Plus, they’ve even expanded their empire into hats, aprons, mugs, DVDs and even a book.

The site did get me thinking though. None of these old Jews made up their jokes. Not that I have a problem with that. It just got me wondering, who made up all of these hack jokes that bubbies and zaydes (and your dad) tell? No one ever takes credit for them. It’s always, “Get this great joke that Bill told me at shul today. You’re gonna love it…” Where did Bill get the joke? He didn’t make it up either!

Old Jews Telling Jokes, God bless ’em, has gotten a good amount of press since it came into existence. And with press comes celebrities. Now I use the term celebrity quite loosely, but when you get someone famous to be featured on your site, then you should be proud of it.

So when you’re looking out for old Jews, really you are looking for three people: Woody Allen, Joan Rivers and Alan Dershowitz. While the first two have yet to commit, Old Jews was able to snag a joke from Dershowitz.

Here it is:

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