Big Brother Rests of Shabbat

After a hiatus of a couple of years, about two years ago, I started watching Survivor again. While many people (especially my age) watched the first fews seasons of the show, a lot of people I know haven’t watched Survivor since the early 2000s. All of these people are making a grave mistake.

While I don’t want to anger any Bachelor or Amazing Race fans, Survivor might just be the reality show out there. The producers do an amazing job of finding great and compelling contestants that make the seasons so gripping that it has become one of my favorite shows to watch.

It also has secretly been a dream of mine to go on Survivor. I mean, I wouldn’t actually do it, because it looks incredibly difficult on a physical level, with the challenges, no shelter, no food, etc. However, I would destroy when it comes to the mind games. I would get very far in the game. I promise you that.

The other thing that would hold me back would be the Jewishness factor. Depending on where the season is taking place, it might be very difficult for me to keep kosher while on the show. Let’s say you show up and the only thing there is to eat is chicken and shrimp, then I’m going to be very hungry very quickly. Or I would have to learn how to schect (spelling?) an animal beforehand.

But maybe I’m over-thinking it. Take this upcoming season of Big Brother for example. In this article, which mostly focuses on the new twist on the show (which essentially turns it into the cancelled reality show The Mole, but that is neither here nor there), we learn about 39 year old Andrew Gordon from Miami. Defying the odds, Gordon is Orthodox! He will be bringing his own utensils and food into the house. That’s pretty awesome. I also guess he doesn’t have an issue with being filmed on Shabbat.

But the weird part of the article is that the author mentions Gordon as a suspect to be the mole. Is it because he has meat-only dishes? Sounds like a mole to me.

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