What To Do In Hebrew Class

People! Big news! We’re goin’ viral! Last week, we debuted our newest video featuring College Humor’s Amir Blumenfeld about why you should go to Jewish summer camp. And because Amir is so darn funny (or maybe I’m so darn funny), the video has been making its way around the internets (thanks Buzzfeed!).

Now, it helps that Amir has a pretty large internet following. But before he was getting hundreds of thousands of hits for his web videos, he was living out in Los Angeles attending the Stephen S. Wise High School (how do I know that? We interviewed him last year).

While I’m sure it’s a fine educational institution, Stephen S. Wise is probably much like other Jewish day schools, where the day-to-day discipline is, how should I put this, lax. And Amir can actually provide us with some proof. Someone got their hands on an old video Amir and his friends made called “Top 10 Things to Do in Hebrew Class.”

Some are better than others (especially #9). But to be fair, they were just high school students. Pretty impressive.

Also, Amir’s Hebrew class seemed WAY more fun than mine. We spent all day doing useless grammar quizzes (I NEVER NEED TO USE TZIVUI! I hate that tense). I would have given my left arm to be able to sing classic Israeli folk songs. MY LEFT ARM!

Okay, just give the video a watch and don’t forget to pass The Truth About Jewish Camp along!

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