More Sports (With Some Jews)

We are coming up on a year now since my Sacramento Kings drafted Omri Casspi, the greatest Jewish basketball player in the world (you heard me Jordan Farmar). And this Thursday, at the 2010 NBA Draft, the Jewish world will be looking out to see if Duke’s Jon Scheyer can become the third Jew in the NBA.

On Friday, if you want the lowdown on the aftermath of the Scheyer Draft (as it will forever be known), my recommendation would be to check out (because was taken). While there are certainly other Jewish sports blogs out there, you will be hard pressed to find a funnier one.

My personal favorite post so far on this newish blog is the link to an interview with Blue Jays minor league player, Randy Schwartz (pictured right). The question that is on everyone’s mind is, just because Schwartz has a Jewish last name, does that mean he is necessarily Jewish (I’m looking at you Whoopi Goldberg)? But as Mr. Dandy so eloquently put it: “guilty until proven innocent.” Good point Dandy.

So if you want to read the latest rumors on Yossi Benayoun, Jordan Farmar or Shahar Peer, check out the Dandy. Also, start rooting for Jon Scheyer now. It’s gonna be an epic evening on Thursday.

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