Suggestions to Fill Helen Thomas’s Time

As I’m sure most have you have heard, Helen Thomas, the White House Press Corps member who has been there since before Barack Obama was born, was forced into retirement this week after she made some, well let’s just call a spade a spade, anti-Semitic comments a few weeks back (if you want to hear what she said, check the video out below). At best, Thomas is seriously misinformed about Jewish history and at worse, she has an actual contempt for Jews.

But that’s not for us to decide. Now that Thomas is retired, she needs to fill up her day. Here are a couple of suggestions that I’ve come up with.

1) Participate on the March of the Living: Now Helen, I know you will have to wait until April for this to happen. And I’m also very aware that you are not a high school senior. But maybe this trip will do you some good. As beautiful as the Polish countryside is in the summer, I’m really not so keen on packing up and moving there. You’ll understand when you get there.

2) Taking up Mah Jongg: While I’m sure MJL’s resident Mah Jongg expert Meredith wouldn’t be so happy about inviting Thomas to her weekly game, Mah Jongg is the perfect activity for a woman of her age. I’ve already done the research and found some games in the D.C. area. Be warned though. That link brings you to a JCC website. It might not be “your style.”

3) Try out for America’s Got Talent: Hear me out here. Ever since Susan Boyle broke out at Britain’s Got Talent, everyone has been looking for that next undiscovered older woman. I can’t tell you for sure that Helen Thomas has a beautiful voice, but I also can’t tell you that she doesn’t.

4) Cruise on the Mediterranean: I hear trips from Turkey to Israel are beautiful this time of year.

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