On the Love Boat

One of my favorite comedy sketches of all time is “I Know Black People” from Chappelle’s Show where Dave Shappelle asks game show style questions about black people to contestants like a barber from Brooklyn, a Korean convenience store owner, and a policewoman in Washington Heights. As funny as the sketch is, there were parts of it that I didn’t fully understand because there was more than one question that was related to the hit 70s television show, Good Times.

Thankfully though, last night, I watched my first full episode of Good Times. And it was awesome. I’m considering setting my DVR to record it every time it is on. I’m also accepting the show’s dvds as a birthday present. But more importantly, now, when I re-listen to the Chappelle’s Show sketch, I’ll know what they are talking about when they refer to the theme song for Good Times. It’s super catchy, by the way.

Television in the 1970s and 80s must have been awesome (Yes, I’m a child. Make fun of me). Good Times is great. I loved Taxi when it was on Nick at Night. All in the Family is a classic. And I’m sure there are tons of other shows that I am unaware of. One of which is Love Boat.

I know nothing about Love Boat. I don’t know if it’s a comedy or a drama. I assume it took place on a boat and that, at some point in its existence as a television show, people fell in love, hopefully on the boat. Other than that, I’m clueless.

So maybe that’s the reason I don’t get this video. Maybe there is some big Love Boat inside joke that I’m just not aware of. Otherwise, this video gets very dark, very quickly.

The video is based off of what Netanyahu’s speech this week where he referred to the Turkist flotilla as a hate boat, not a love boat.

Basically, the video is cute until about 40 seconds in. It’s cool to show that the people involved with the flotilla were not as innocent as they want to be perceived. But to imply that they are responsible for suicide bombings during the intifada? All the while playing the theme song to Love Boat? That’s a little extreme.

Am I the only who thinks this is a little over the top?

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