Searching For A Sandwich

There are certain foods that get me excited. I might eat three times a day, but I really only get EXCITED about what I’m about to eat on a rare occasion. That’s not to say I don’t like food, because, if you know me, that is the opposite of the case, but there are really only a couple of foods that I dream about in my sleep.

One of those is a sandwich from a classic Jewish deli. It doesn’t really matter what the meat is. I love corned beef, roast beef, smoked meat, pastrami, turkey, chicken salad, egg salad…this list could go on for another 300 words. As long as the food is prepared right, then I will gladly eat it (who am I kidding, even if it isn’t prepared right, I’ll still gladly eat it).

In terms of sandwich eating, New York has been a dream. As famous as Montreal is for it’s smoked meat, there really isn’t a classic Jewish deli there. Sure you have Schwartz’s, but Schwartz’s is far from kosher. So if you keep kosher in Montreal, you get deprived from the best Jewish food the city has to offer.

But as I said, New York has been a dream. The amount of kosher delis seems endless to me. What kind of beautiful world do I live in where I can say, “Nah, I don’t want to go there. There pastrami sandwiches are a little dry. There is another place just down the street that is way better.”

But what I really need to do is get out of Manhattan. Because as amazing as 2nd Ave. Deli is, there is a whole world of kosher delis out there that I have yet to discover.

One of those deli was featured on Huffington Post yesterday. Now, all I want to do is go out to Rego Park, Queens and eat at this amazing looking meat from Ben’s Best. Look how amazing this looks. I want all of it. Now. I’m like a nebishy, Jewish Veruca Salt.

The Secret to Surviving the Deli Business: Ben’s Best Kosher Deli (food. curated.) from SkeeterNYC on Vimeo.

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