Kosher Texting

Sometimes I’ll see a link to a website and just assume that it will be terrible. And most of the time I’m correct. Today though, I was only half-right.

There are many hilarious elements to the website,

1) It exists. I can’t believe this is a real website.

2) It is .org and not .com. I thought .orgs were usually reserved for websites that you should be taking seriously. I still haven’t determined whether or not wants to be taken seriously. I sure hope they do.

3) They have a fake advertisement for something called “Rabbi Survivor.” If you think I wouldn’t go to rabbinical school just so I could be a contestant on this, then you don’t know how much I love Survivor.

But what got my attention was their page on “Kosher Texting.” Now, I’m not sure the word kosher is the appropriate way to describe it. Maybe just “Jewish Texting” would work better, but I’m no ad wizard.

I was surprised that I actually laughed at a couple of their examples. Namely, GFS (Gone for Shabbos), 2MN (Double Mitzvah Night), NAMN (Need a Minyan Now), and, of course, my favorite, RU/C (Are You a Kohen).

As much as I don’t want to laugh at dumb Jewish jokes, sometimes, for some weird reason, they still get me.

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