Best of the Week

A lot of excitement this week. Especially on television. Anyone see Lost this week? Here is my 50 word reaction to the episode with ZERO spoilers: Oh snap! Did you see that?! Next week is going to be amazing. Dude. The Island. OH MAN! So much conflict. So much resolution! I just can’t wait for the finale.

You’re welcome.

For about five years, I was putting my tefillin on incorrectly. At some point in the hand wrapping, I got confused and instead of making a “shin,” I was making a blob of nothing. But MJL just made a great new how to video to teach you, step by step, how to properly put on tefillin. Too bad it couldn’t save me.

Lag Ba’Omer happened this week. I celebrated it by eating a maple buffalo sausage. Was it better than the spicy lamb sausage that I ate right after? You will never know.  Read Matthue’s description of what is possibly the craziest event in the Jewish calendar: Lag Ba’Omer in Meron.

Living on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, I sometimes think that every single Jew in the world lives in my building. It is easy to forget that Jews come from all over the world. Read up on some of the world’s most surprising Jewish communities.

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Best of the Week

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Best of the Week

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