Weird Kosher Fish

We all make mistakes. Nobody’s perfect. I, for one, am wearing non-matching socks right now. Oops!

The same goes for websites. This morning, we received an e-mail at the MJL help desk informing us of a mistake on our Kosher Fish List article. Being that we don’t want people to eat a fish that they think is kosher when it isn’t, we took this complaint (not really a complaint. More like a nice little nudge) seriously.

We spent a lot of the day looking over the list and have come up with some pretty amazing facts:

– Doctor fish and surgeon fish are very much kosher. In fact, they are the same fish. Interestingly enough, lawyer fish is not kosher (you can’t make this stuff up).

– Jew fish is kosher. Not that that was a guarantee. There are plenty of delis that aren’t kosher and those are as Jewish as they come.

– Mullets are kosher. They have a business-y outside but are all party in the back.

– Dolphin fish is also kosher. However, you should not get this confused with dolphin, which a) is illegal to eat in the United States and b) is not kosher.

– Even more surprising than that is Pig fish, Hog Fish, and Pork fish are all kosher as well. I guess if a pig doesn’t chew its cud, but can swim, it’s good to eat.

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