Drake’s Bar Mitzvah

A couple months back, I mentioned how shocked I was that this blog never mentions Drake, one of the biggest rappers in the industry and a Jew.

The guy has been on my mind lately because he was featured in Young Artists for Haiti, the Canadian version of We are the World, which you should watch because it’s a good song and it’s always hilarious to watch my girl Avril Lavigne take herself seriously. Oh, and Bieber makes an appearance.

But I’m getting off topic. Where was I? Oh yeah, Drake being Jewish. I found this cool video from HeebMagazineFans (is this Heeb’s YouTube page or a Heeb fan page? And if it’s the latter, someone better be creating a MJL fan page). The video has the guy behind the camera informally interviewing Drake, when the question of his bar mitzvah comes up. The interviewer was surprised to find out that yes, Drake did the whole becoming a man thing when he turned 13. He also has gone out with Rihanna. I’ve done one of those things.

The video has some “language” so keep the kids away. Unless they enjoy hearing the F-word.

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