Reb Brad Mendel Pitt

I’m very happy I found this video because someone had to say it. Someone had to say that Brad Pitt’s beard is ridiculous. He looks like a cross between The Dude and Tom Hanks in Castaway.

Now this isn’t to say that all beard are ridiculous. My dad, for example, (and I think I’ve mentioned this before) looks exactly like Toby from The West Wing. Now that’s a classy lookin’ beard. Or even the beard of world famous blogger/beard connoisseur Matthue Roth looks okay.

I had to ask Matthue about his feelings on the Pitt beard and his reviews were mixed: It’s shabby, unkempt, crusty, and it looks like he has leftovers from last week stuck inside. Then again, having leftovers from last week that close to your mouth is actually pretty convenient.

Matthue is always resourceful.

But Matthue isn’t the only religious person who has issues with Pitt’s black hole of hair. Mendy Pellin brings us this ridiculous video of Chabadniks complaining about people thinking they are Brad Pitt. It’s really well done and some of the old guys are actually pretty hilarious, especially when they complain about being tagged in Facebook albums as Brad Pitt.

The video advertises an event that has already taken place, so you can ignore the last 30 seconds or so. Thanks to for finding this.

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